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Ecoya Soy Melt
Ecoya Soy Melt
Ecoya Soy Melt

Ecoya Soy Melt

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Add sexy ambiance to your home by using Ecoya Soy Wax Melts with an oil burner up to 20 hours of burn time per melt. A great alternative to using oil and water, these soy melts are handmade using natural waxes and come in a range of gorgeous fragrances. Easy, clean and long-lasting.

 Sweet Pea & Jasmine Capturing the essence of sweet pea and Australasian white jasmine, uplifting notes of watermelon and cucumber round out a fragrance which is both floral and elegant. 
French Pear The essence of a crisp, tree-ripened Queensland pear is captured and blended with a hint of the creamiest vanilla and infused with clove for a rich, sophisticated scent.  
Coconut & Elderflower
Delicious caramel, the essences of Indonesian coconut and New Zealand elderflower inspire an invigorating fruit cocktail scent with lime, bergamot, lemon and pineapple.